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The Army Takes a Step Toward Better Sleep

When you’ve had a late night or a tough time sleeping, it’s easy to feel the effects of sleep deprivation at work the next day. It’s hard to focus and you feel like you’re unable to give 100 percent to the task at hand. Soldiers have stressful jobs with odd hours and in tough working […]

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Why Weight Loss Leads to Better Sleep

Every New Year I write down a list of goals, and take a look at my list from the previous year. I’m getting better at writing SMART goals—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound—because when I set specific parameters, I have a greater chance of meeting my goals. The top New Years resolution for 2015 was […]

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Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Are you in a career rut, spinning the proverbial wheels of your career goals? Maybe your co-workers are getting the promotions you feel deserving of. If this is you, it may be time to assess your sleep habits. There’s a macho façade and bravado that comes along with being able to tell people that you […]

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Lack of Sleep Linked to Teen Athletic Injuries

It’s a commonly known fact: teens don’t like to go to bed early, in fact, it can be a struggle getting them to bed before midnight on a school night. With that being said, if you have or know anyone who has teens participating in sports, you can understand how necessary sleep is to restore […]

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