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Airbus Designs Sleep Pods for the Economy Class

In the glory days of airline travel, flight attendants and passengers were dressed to the nines in stylish hats and white gloves, champagne flowed freely in first class, and even in coach you could get a full meal on a domestic flight. The attitude toward airplane travel and the amenities offered by airlines have changed […]

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The Shocking Truth About Drowsy Driving

It’s late at night and you’ve already been driving for several hours. You struggle to keep your eyes open…you’re still two hours from your destination, but will you be able to stay awake that long? Do you keep going or pull over? We’ve all experienced that internal dialogue—a debate over whether or not it’s worth […]

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The Travelers’ Dilemma: How to Sleep while on Vacation

Have you ever asked a coworker if they had a good vacation and their reply was, “Yes, but I’m exhausted…I think I need another vacation”? It’s easy to lose sleep and feel worn out after traveling since vacations often come with jet lag, stiff hotel beds, and tiring excursions. However, there are some ways to […]

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Nine Hours of Encapsulating Sleep

Here’s a radical idea, a hotel with no amenities except the promise of a good night’s sleep. A no frills, yet very modern and sci-fi appearing hotel in Kyoto, Japan, is catching attention from travelers seeking to experience a good night’s sleep in it’s futuristic sleep capsules. The hotel, appropriately named Nine Hours, advocates that […]

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Discover Your Beach Body By Getting More Sleep

Summer is here and maybe you haven’t done the best job fulfilling that New Year’s resolution you set out to achieve. But, maybe you have been working hard to shed the pounds and you’re still not seeing the results you’d like to see. If this is you, don’t fret! Losing weight could be as simple […]

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